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Welcome to the Post Middle School Technology Room.

I'm Robin Foster and I teach really Awesome 6th Graders, 7th Graders & 8th Graders here at Post.

I love it here and have been honored to work with Arlington students and parents for over 25 years.

I did my student teaching at the old High School on French Street, substituted and taught Summer School there, and then was hired at Post Middle School by then Principal Herb Hower. I taught self-contained 6th Grade, then 7th grade block. About 20 years ago, I moved out of the block classes and into the computer room.

I currently teach 6th Grade Computers, 7th Grade Exploratory Computers, 8th Grade Advanced Computers, 8th Grade Leadership, 7th Grade Media,  and  7th Grade Leadership class this year.

I am also the ASB Advisor and run the after school Photography Club.

As usual, I am looking forward to this year, it will be a busy one.

Take care,